History of The Haunted Factory


The original building located at 1171 Shipp street was built and used as a tannery. At one time, some of the finest leather goods in the country came out of Kingsport, TN.

When the original tannery was shut down in the early 60s, there were rumors that more than animal skins were being tanned and processed on the property. To add more to the rumors, not a single worker from the factory was ever heard from again.

Throughout the following decades,  several other craftsman had sought to put the sturdy factory building to good use, including machinists and parts manufacturers. Trouble often arose, as most businesses were never able to maintain a steady workforce. Stories of suspicious working accidents, strange odors of death and decay, and reports of terrifying phantoms lurking in the darkness, seemed to never really die. Locals and workers alike were afraid, and claimed the factory was haunted.

Now, 1171 Shipp Street is opening for only a few nights a year. It’s welcoming the curious and adventurous residents of Kingsport, as well as daring visitors from all over, to come and see if the rumors and stories are true.

Can You Survive The Haunted Factory?


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Scariest Haunted House TN Warning

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